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This is the site for comrades and former comrades of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment and attached personnel and families. This is the home page so please place a book mark on your computer for easy reference. You can access the Forum directly via the Kitchener poster. Click on it. But you must be 1 RTR and a forum member to read all the posts. To continue onto the site, press the Next button below. Paul Ramsay is the brains behind all that those were the Scarborough Reunions and is currently Secretary of the Branch. If you paid into the "days pay scheme" whilst serving, then apply to join the RTR Association free of charge if you haven't already done so. The Scarborough Branch of the 1 RTR Association is the biggest in the country by all accounts.  This site nor its adjoining forum are in any way, associated with RTR or RTRA, being privately owned. Mike Kemble. Site Owner.

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Jan 2016: A Very Special Thanks To Rick Scott - site hosting now confirmed, and paid, to 2022

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As of 2nd August 2014 1 RTR
ceased to exist

Reunion Information is on the Forum.
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