A Squadron
Updated: 26 Jan 2015

A Squadron Assault Troop in Omagh - 1974. Rear row,   Bob Jones, Steve Kemble, Tommy McManaman, John Harding, Jed Henson, Steve Bailey, Andy Drever, Tiny Hart, Jap Smith. Centre Row, George Eastham, Don Thomas, Gus Daniells, Dave Buck, Tony Goodale, Stu Purshouse, Pete Standring, Stuart Bailey, Front Row, Mo O'Brien, Dave Kirwan, Dave Whalley, Geordie Parks, Chris Godlington, Glyn Buckley, Dave Read, Billy Jevons, Dinger Bell.
3Tp Asqn Aden 66. Left to right Front Row: Nobby Clarke Jnr, Ron Woods, Willie Couse Second Row:    "Beaky" Hempsom, "Crash"Ashworth, "Ged" Brady Third Row: Nobby Clarke Snr, "The Count" Terry McGrath, John Dever, Clive Hewett Back: "Owie"OBrien.

Dave Whalley somewhere in County Fermanagh

12B  Herford 1982 Mac McLaughlin,  Tiny Hart,  'Dusty'  Binns

Sqn Office St Angelo

A Sqn St Angelo, taken by me when A Sqn Clerk

2 Tp Batus 88

2 Tp Batus 88

2 Tp A Sqn

2TP FSC on patrol - photo taken from rear of 16E Saracen

A Sqn in Berlin. Maxwell is the OC

Dee Phillips, Tony Allen & Ado Adams -in the invasion of Austria 1979

Dave Henley with Geordie Lumsden Belleek 1974

Ireland border taken from Radio Tower Belleek

Berlin 86

Cambrai 76

No, its not Graeme Souness on the right

Cyprus 76


Dave Rodgers at Belcoo


A Sqn Herford July 1979. I have left this at its original scanned image so that you can zoom into the original better.
Neil Thomson sent me this. Click on the thumb nail for the bigger picture.

At the Rear: Cpls Bailey and Winrow - LCpl Adams & Cpl Lumsden  - LCpl Green and Cpl Calvert

Rear: Eastham, Bailey, Rompca, Jugoo, Cornmell, Layhe, Phillips, Firth, Dixon, Beattie, Hodgkinson, Orman, Daniells, Lucas, Goodale & Stuart

Centre: McBain, Fletcher, Carney, Bridger, Chandler, Atherton, Jones, Cameron, Walker, Harrison, Millar, Chapman, O'Sullivan, Blake, Allen, McCartney,Willets, Lewis & Davison

Front: Standring, Lucas, Findlay, Wilson, Whalley, Wilson, Hodgson, Brookshaw, Rodley, Hall, Nobbs, Wilkinson, McGee & Matthews

Missing: Palmer, Longman, Tobin, Cornwall, Carson, Ward, Marshall, Woods, Boot, Saunders, Coulthard, Hart, Rowley, SSM James, Carroll, Murray, McComsky, Holt, Taylor, Nicholson, Coughlins x 2, Vincent, Gibson, Hawkins.



This can be downloaded and enlarged

This can be downloaded and enlarged