A Squadron Page 2
Updated: 12 May  2010

A Sqn Herford July 1979. I have left this at its original scanned image so that you can zoom into the original better.
Neil Thomson sent me this. Click on the thumb nail for the bigger picture.

At the Rear: Cpls Bailey and Winrow - LCpl Adams & Cpl Lumsden  - LCpl Green and Cpl Calvert

Rear: Eastham, Bailey, Rompca, Jugoo, Cornmell, Layhe, Phillips, Firth, Dixon, Beattie, Hodgkinson, Orman, Daniells, Lucas, Goodale & Stuart

Centre: McBain, Fletcher, Carney, Bridger, Chandler, Atherton, Jones, Cameron, Walker, Harrison, Millar, Chapman, O'Sullivan, Blake, Allen, McCartney,Willets, Lewis & Davison

Front: Standring, Lucas, Findlay, Wilson, Whalley, Wilson, Hodgson, Brookshaw, Rodley, Hall, Nobbs, Wilkinson, McGee & Matthews

Missing: Palmer, Longman, Tobin, Cornwall, Carson, Ward, Marshall, Woods, Boot, Saunders, Coulthard, Hart, Rowley, SSM James, Carroll, Murray, McComsky, Holt, Taylor, Nicholson, Coughlins x 2, Vincent, Gibson, Hawkins.