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Updated: 27 May 2005

Every now and then I get a request from somebody looking for an old comrade or for information leading to the finding of something. These were dotted about the Message Boards, so I decided to put them altogether on one page for easy reference. April 2003.

Can I respectfully suggest that you now use the Where Are You and Help Required sections of the forum as these are now visited with much more frequency than here and you can expect a speedier reply. Aug 2004.

Seems to have died a death now, but will leave it up in case anybody spots something

May 27th 2005: My name is Glen Cooper, I am not Ex RTR (but Gloster) however I help run a small museum in Hohne Station Germany, we cover the camp history form 1936 (panzer trg camp) to the present day, this also includes the BAOR RAC Trg Centre. Iíve been talking to Mick (Dinger) Bell reference researching this element of the camps history as we have very little (3 photos of Gen Percy Hobart with members of, I believe 5 RTR and Trg Centre Inst and a welcome booklet) I was wondering if there was any chance you could do a trawl of your membership to see if they had any memories or photos we could copy for the museum.

My contact address is:

Glen Cooper

c/o Q1030741 Cpl Cooper
Trg Wing
A(29) Med Sqn

Pete Tinsley sent these in for those of you going to Southport for NAAFI Break - please note image of Paul Ramsay in uniform (Pete's words not mine).
I cannot imagine that the owner of this hotel has a serious outlook on life. Maybe an ex-centurion?


Mike Burton

September 2008

My grand father was in A SQN 7 RTR, I noticed on your help page, that  Bill Graham was also a member of A Sqn. Could you email me his email address or forward mine on to him as i am trying to find out more about my grandfathers tracks during the war. His name was Cpl Ken Burton, 5123199, and was originally from Birkenhead/Wallasey on the wirral. he met my grand mother whilst he was in training near otley in yorkshire. Many thanks for you help, Mike Burton.

Tony Russell
19 Nov 04

I am looking for anyone who knows of a David Glazebrook ex RTR. All I know is that he left in the late 70s as a Colonel and I have heard rumour that he may have joined the Sultan of Omanís Defence Force. I am conducting this search on behalf of a friend who knew him well in those days and has lost contact. I have tried RHQ RTR and they have no following address. I have also asked every serving RTR officer I meet and no one seems to know him. Perhaps you could assist a very frustrated Gunner officer out here? Tony Russell. tony(remove)

Bob Mitchell
27 Sept 04

I know this is a long shot but you never know. My father was with the 1st, Reg Mitchell [14463569] he was at Bovington, before going to Detmold [ my birth place] in 1952 11th Armd Div as a gunner mech driver. Rank Cpl, then Acting Sgt. What i would like is pics of his unit [he was there in 1949] many thanks Bob Mitchell.

Bill Shaw
23 March 2004

Hi Mike. I was wondering if you could help me locate some of my dads old friends from the 1RTR C Squadron. My dad served his time as a tank driver in Sek Kong from 1957 to 1959. I have been scouring the internet to find some old pictures or names of some of his buddies without much success. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. My dad will be seventy years old very shortly and I thought it would be a pleasant surprise for him if I could collate some old pictures or contacts for him.

Dean Owen
15 October 2003

Hello Mike, I served with the first back in the 1993-1995 prior to that I was in the Signals. I am looking for any who has photographs of D Sqn on our PGF tour back in 1994. Also if any one has any from Exercise Lion Sun. I am also a co-founder of the Northern Ireland Veterans Association and have the Honour to be the secretary please inform other tankies of this site if you would be so kind  HYPERLINK . I will get our Webmaster to place a link on our site for your site. Please let me know either way... Fear Naught Dean Owen

Jimmy Cochrane

Is trying to find Brian McKenna. He left the Regiment around mid 94. See Guestbook for email.

Gary Hatfield
2 October 2003

Can anyone tell me where Phil Morris can be located please?  We did basic together, he went to C and I went to A Sqn.

Gary Wapshott

I would love to hear further stories and learn more of my fathers life in the army as I will shortly be undertaking research into my families history.

Dave Harmon

Anybody got any pics of Ex Gobi Dust - Fort Bliss - El Paso 1980? There was one of me appeared in "Tank" magazine - would love to have a copy - R.Brookshawe, Craig Dutton, Jimmy Thomo and me I think.

Martin Glover

My grandfather was in 1RTR during WWII. Do you have any contact with 1RTR vetrans from that period? My grandfather was Jack Storey. I am presently in contact with Jim Pedraza, Mike Warrington and Les Dinning - all of 1RTR during 1944 -45. Regards Martin Glover

Lee Pethely

My name is Lee Pethely, and i am looking for ANY information on my grandfather, John William Alston. The details are a bit hazy, but the following is all the information that i have:  John William Alston Trooper in the Royal Tank Regiment Service number: 7868479 Last known address: was 42 Harwick St, Weymouth, Dorset, UK. He married Nancy Lillian Winzar in England (she was born in Boulder, Western Australia), but i don't know the marriage date..They had a son born Oct 10,1941 named John William Michael Alston (My father) and Nancy died Dec 10, 1941, when my father was 2months old. My grandmother adopted my father and bought him to Australia, where i live. I have no idea as to my grandfathers whereabouts, all this information came from my fathers birth certificate..and is all i have. I hope maybe somebody on your site may remember him or know his current whereabouts, Many thanks for your time, and look forward to hearing from you. Regards  Lee Pethely E-mail-

Pete Rason
15 Jan 03

Has anyone seen or heard of Chris Hawley JLR 1968-69 Osnabruck 1970-72  & B Sqn Assault Troop  in Omagh.  The last I heard of him was when he fell off a cliff in Dorset and was reported in the papers (he survived).  He was the one person who persuaded me to join the 1st after the 5th disbanded and would really like to get in touch with him again and meet up at the reunion this year. If anyone knows where he is please contact me.  Also would like to hear from Phil (Shorty) Thorns . I think he attended one of the reunions but would luck have it, it was the year I missed. So Shorty if you see this message get in contact please would be great to hear from you.  Diane and I are looking forward to seeing everyone in September. Spoke to John and Anne Butler and John and Linda Appo and they are coming aswell.   

Donna Winterburn
27 October 2002

Hi there, can you help me find somone for my mum please? His name is Mick Bond. He was in the 1st Royal Tank Regiment around 1971. He was based in Catterick and I understand he was sent to Germany and then to Ireland. That is where my mother lost touch. he was about 20 at the time so he will be in his 50s now. He had 14 brothers and sister. My mum and her parents provided accomodation for him in their home, Haslingden Lancs, while he was in the UK. His home was in Seaforth. She said that once, he got into a bit of bother after running over someones Ford Escort with a Chieftain Tank. if that helps. I would be grateful if there is anyway anyone could help me... and get in touch soon please... Donna Winterburn (mums maiden name Atherton). Please mail me back with your email address, I deleted it!

Natalie Simon
3 October 2002

I am searching for anyone who was in the 1 Royal Tank Regt. Based in Germany within the years of 1985 to 1990. My brothers name is Mark Johnson "johno" he was in C Squadron.  He is currently very ill in the hospital here in Canada and I thought it would be a boost if he heard from his old friends,  Thank you.

Steve Pannell
16 Sept 2002

I stumbled across your excellent web site whilst trying to find info about the 1st RTR. I am also trying to establish contact with a former Lt-Col of the 1st RTR (Lt-Col Glazebrook) who served with the Regiment I believe in about 1973. I would be grateful to receive any info you may have.

Peter Richards
14 August 2002

I am looking for an old mate of mine who was in 1 RTR in Hohne around about 1963 to 1966. His name is John Wilson. He was a LCpl then but I do believe he reached WO rank and would have demobbed around 1984/5. I was in RMP in Hohne and we both came from Colchester and John was known before as John Skeets he later took his fathers name of WILSON. He had 2 sisters Maureen and Valerie. I have tried several ways over the past years to find him. I do hope that you may be able to assist.

Mike Noctor

I was a regular in the 5th RTR, completed training with RAC at Catterick then posted to Hohne Garrison, after serving there, was posted to Korea, via all the wonderfull places you have to pay a fortune to visit now, down the Suez to smelly Aden, then to Columbo [ now SriLanka ] Hong Kong, Singapore. We arrived in the winter at Pusan and travelled by train on hard wooden seats for approx 300 miles with no heating, and eventually arrived at our base which was in the paddy fields at the base of Gloucester Hill, cold was not the word, when you managed to get your breakfast in the morning it was frozen by the time you went to eat it. I was in B squadron and wondered if there were any of the old troop around from those days, unfortunately the only people I can remember now, are our tank driver who was Joe Thorpe, the tank commander was Jess, a guy [ Irish ] named McBay  if Thorpe is around  he will remember having his ciggi ration in the drivers compartment, as we went accross the Imjim river the cigarettes got wet and he laid them out in the sun to dry off. But if there is anyone from those days from our squadron I would be interested to hear from them. Also if anyone remembers being flown from Seoul to Tokyo in the big four engine Globemasters for R & R. I found your site today, after watching the Koreans playing in the World cup, and  wondered what the country was like now, and for all its faults and the conditions that were present at the time I liked the place. my army number was  22808796, funny how we never forget it.  I live in London. Anyone know Mike - please contact him.

Jared Williams
14 Feb 02

I am e-mailing on behalf of a friend who is trying to contact colleagues who were in the 5th Royal Tank Regiment. The approximate date is 1951 - 1952. Here are the following details I have been given - 5th Royal Tank Regiment Hohne Garrison. Approximately 1951 - 1952. The chap I am e-mailing on behalf of 28807288 Corporal Albert Walker. Albert went to the Korean War and is wanting to get all of his fellow army colleagues together for a reunion. He now owns a pub hence the "get together".†He would appreciate contact names, addresses and telephone numbers or any other useful information you may be able to provide in order to contact his friends/colleagues.†You can e-mail me back and I would gladly pass on any information to Albert you may be able to provide.† Thanking you in anticipation of your assistance.†Kind regards, Jared Williams. 

Bill Graham
28 Feb 02

Happy to report I have managed to secure a copy of "A" Squadron and 7th R.T.R's war diary eventually, from the Tank Museum in Bovington, and it's making very exciting reading and releasing many memories and names of my old comrades.  Thanks for taking so much trouble to help. Regards Bill Graham. Update: Sept 08: I no longer have a contact for Bill.

Bill Graham from Seattle USA
27 Dec 01

I was a troop leader in 7 (Bn?) R.T.R.  from Normandy through to our occupational role in Krefeld before being demobbed in 1945 and hope to enlist your help in tracing an internet archive of our day to day activities in those momentous days. This idea arose after stumbling across the same for the Middlesex Regiment. I would like to add my name to your roster as, probably, the oldest serving in the RTR in A Squadron 7 Bn RTR.  The Churchill was the last model using flamethrowers (towing behind us trailers of napalm and nitrogen).  Our final action was attack on Hamburg after which we settled in Krefeld. I attended the 75th Anniversary at Lulworth meeting up with 3 other survivors, Capt Bob Pearson, our Adjutant; Frank Newman and Barry Pritchard.  We watched the Colonel in Chief, the Queen, with pride and pleasure. I would like to meet up with any other survivors of this era and am anxious to get information on how to gain access to the Daily War Diaries and archives of the 7th to create my own for my family history. Thanks in anticipation. AW Graham (Lt retd).