Command & Support Squadron
Update: 24 November 2015

Myself in dazzling purples flairs!!! Alongside Alan Walby and Pete Standring. Pete later on became the RSM! Taken in 1972

Team from rear left to right Gary Walker, Mark "Cully" Culwick, Motty, Leo, Dave "Evo" Evans, Dave ?, Paddy (Fitter), Deevo Davey Howard, Paul Childs, Mike Redfern, Dee Phillips, Pete Durham, John "Chippers" Chapman - year unknown

I've found a photo of Nobby Hall who used to be Paddy McCann's driver (I think) in C&S Sqn.  The photo was taken at my parent's house in 1972 when me, Nobby and Dinger attended my sisters wedding.  The little girl in the foreground is my niece and the gent to the left is my dad. - Dave Henley

C&Sp Clerk 1972, I couldn't even drive at this stage! Alex McLaren's mini.
From Alex: That car was my pride and joy, No. GP369B, picked up from Rotterdam docks personally by me, and lovingly looked after till I part exchanged it in Andover for a Toyota Celica, which I then took with me over to Omagh, Lisanelly Barracks.

Your friendly webmaster as Command & Support Squadron Clerk back in 1972
with the brilliant Jock Cross as SSM and Paddy McCann as SQMS.

FSC with John Patterson, Sgt Tildesley, Winnie Atwell (who taught me to drive in a 4 Ton lorry and I covered everyone in dust on the return journey from the showers at Rheinsahlen!) Brian Johnson and Billy Jevons. Soltau 71 I think.

Not trying to look like Rambo! This was Soltau in 71 and I was trying to keep the sweat off my eyes, it was pouring all over me

LCpl Billy Prescott in pensive mood
  Vorsprung durch buggared!