D Squadron

During the Reunion 2006 I was talking to Pete Corrigan and the subject of D Sqn founder members came up. I got news for him, it was me!! D Sqn was starting up and
CC said to me, "your posted to the new Sqn which isn't up and running yet; go and get it sorted out, start it up!" - so I was posted on Part One's that evening - its was ME!

Paul Duffy, Roy Stanley, Ian "Boo" Whittaker, Mick Philips and Martin "Smudger" Smith

Martin Smith, Terence "Cosmo" Taylor & Jim Barclay

Jim Barclay and Cosmo


c/s 10

1 troop  C/S 12 stuck again. Mac McLaren, Pete Corrigan, Derek Sheridan, Jimmy Cormell, (brads) Bradshaw, Adie Turner.

Brandwood, Bradshaw, McLaren & Armour freezing their doobries off!

Derek Sheridan up to his knees in erm........................... mud!

From Mac McLaren. The coldest Wintex ever! Wasn't it 87

And from freezing temps to Zimbabwe 
 From Mac McLaren Zimbabwe Diamond 1989

Richie Ireland - BATUS - both tracks off - now what?

C/S 10

Kev Warcup in the turret as 1 RTR take a "Drive Past" on the Regiment's
departure from Hildesheim

Commerzbank to the rear. Many a mark have I removed from there - legally!
The ugly men of D Sqn. Binns, Bambie Turner, Dave Tomas, and the Sheridans Frank & Derek.

Sports afternoon, Charlie Bown,Paul Duffy, Pete Corrigan, Jim Barclay, Smudge Smith, Bambi Turner, Gus Daniels, John Appleton, Dean Middleditch
Sardinia - trust Tankies to find snow in the Med!!

From L/R back row:- Ken Parkinson, Maj Carroll, Ned Kelly, Tony Thraves, Me (Kev Warcup) The Laughing assassin Alan McGinn, Kev Coughlin, Capt Beardsworth, Capt Wallis, (REME maybe??) Ted Holt. Front Row, Charlie Bown, Sam Walker, Paul Armour, Mick Phillips, Jim Pickstock, Tony Upton, Paddi Farrell.

 On Turret L/R Stotty, Shaun Flanagan, Tpr ? Sitting on hull.  Tpr Lloyd, Kev Faulds, Lt Briggs, Kev Warcup, Joe Speak, Bobby Ball, The Aus I have fine memories of but can't remember his name. (Pedro?) Standing: The unmistakable Bambi Turner and Kev Goldsmith. Bambi and the Aus tried to kill themselves in Batus with Commanders hatches. 

Hang on! How come Kev's in every picture??? 
 2 Troop D Sqn about 87/88 Hildeshiem. Back Row. Ade Turner, Bill Oddie, Paul Wilson, Alex Taylor, Shaun Flanagan, John Wren Andy Caldwell.
Front Row. Geordie Fawcett, Brian Gibson, Lt Master, Kev Warcup, Kev Cooney (From Pete Corrigan)
CO QOH; Ian Chamberlain, Dave Fairclough (who sent me  this); Karl Lloyd and Smudge Smith Cyprus 91
Danny & Curly - Soltau 85

Paul & Stumpy. Paul: What happens if I pull .................................... oops 

My brother Phil & sister Michelle on D Sqn Tank Park - Hildesheim Aug 86


Bernadette Devlin cleverly disguised as a innocent old lady

The original was this size, nothing I can do with it. Berlin

These images are so frightening, they only let them out at night




Guess what I found in a Stratford Upon Avon Antique Shop 4 Sept 2003!!! 23 D Sqn 1 RTR 1972 Mug. Label said "very rare"

This was the shop, in Henley Street, Stratford Upon Avon