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In Memorium - To The Green Fields

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

There is an old Egyptian saying that if you speak the names of the dead, they will live on



John Acton-Brown
I was in Johns troop in Cyprus when he was killed. We were all meant to go out for a night in Larnaca but decided not to. Harry Robinson and myself had a patrol at about 6 am the following morning and we were awoke by an SBA copper at about 4.30am asking us to identify a body. Jeff Robinson actually went to identify him from Pergamos and Harry and I did our patrol we returned via the main road into Ayios Nikolaos and saw with our own eyes what was left of the car that John had been driving. Kev Warcup.

Dave Albison

Feb 2023

Col Tony Allen

2nd August 2015

Tony Allen

22 September 2018

Tony Allwood

27th March 2015

National Service with 1 RTR

Mick Atherton

27th May 2017

Lt Col John Bailey

Phil Baines
Friday 8th June 2007

Dennis Ball
15th Jan 2011

Major General Ian Baker CBE

28 July 2005

Dave Barkley

Mal Barnsley
Tuesday 30th October 2007

Major General Simon Beardsworth

8 July 2019

Ron Beckett (ATO)

SSgt Ron Beckett was murdered on 30th August 1973 attempting a bomb defusal at Tullyhoman Post Office, near Pettigoe, Co Fermanagh.Whilst serving with 1 RTR in Omagh.


"Barney" Beddows

July 2008

Jeff Begley
16 February 2017

Ronnie Bennet

21 January 2018

Nigel Biles

Brian Bishop

May 2020

General Sir Jeremy Blacker

17th March 2005
Obituary link below


John Bower

16 Sept 2019


Wilf Bradley

Unknown date

Ken Blanksby

28th September 2014

Rupert Brookshaw
21.11.57 - 20.7.90

Jimmy Burrows
29 June 2017

Glyn Buckley
21 Dec 2021

Mick Cahill

13 August 2014

Ben Campbell

20th April 2017

William "Yogi" Carmichael

14 May 2014

Accidental Death on a building site - Burnley


Brian Clapham

Dave Clark

Died 2014
A good mate

'Col' Nobby Clarke

19th April 2015
peacefully in Dorchester Hospital

Nobby Clarkson

Phil Carroll

25 August 2023

Gordon Collinson

D Day Vet 1 RTR - July 2015


Dave Cooper

8 February 2021


Lt Col Peter 'Dusty' Corbin

4th February 2012


Tommy Cormack

21 April 2021 


Obituray link at base

Jimmy Cornmell

February 2017


Don Crassweller

31 July 2022

Bryan Criddle & Jason. Murdered by PIRA whilst serving with 1 RTR in Omagh



Lt Col Tony Cornish June 2005
(See letter below)

Brigadier Tony Crook

24th April 2005

Keith Coyne

21 June 2019

Dave Cummings

Alan Cunningham

13th January 2014


Joe Daley

22 Feb 1969 on Soltau

Buried in Limmer Cemetery Hannover
next to Ged Brady


Paul Danisz

15th April 2018

Brian Darby


Bob Darnell

26 July 2023

Vince Dauber
Cambrai Band



Alan Dawson

7th June 2017

Neil Dickinson

Oct 2023

Les Dinning

Ex 1 RTR Desert Rat 6 April 2005

Alan Dixon

15 June 2008

Gary Dobson

29th June 2009

Don Donabie

2 December 2015

Sandy Donaldson

February 2017

Andy Drever

24 January 2019

John Dunne

15th Sept 2015

John 'Jimmy' Dunn
26 September 2022

John Edge

4th October 2011


Pete Eggleston

July 2022

Stan Elverson

Oct 29th 2022

David 'Len' Fairclough

13 August 2018

'Dan' Fallon

19th January 2011


John Feist

September 2011

Rob 'Lofty' Feist

10 November 2020

Paul 'tich' Fielding
7 Dec 2018

Colin Fisk

12th December 2006


Dave Flett

10th September 2004


Joe Flood


George Forty

19 May 2016

Joe Frankel

Bert French

17 March 2017

Jack Frost

10th July 2005


Bruce Gaff

10 August 2017

Walter Peter Gaff

19 Nov 1993
See notes below

Mick Gashe

June 2009

Paul Gavagan

11 November 2015

Ronald George 

 17 December 1971

Tidworth Military Cemetery
Grave Row: H Grave Number: 112

Lt Col David Glazebrook

7th February 2012

Taff Glover

Aged 26 - 11/11/1980

Chris Godlington

1 April 2016 

Gary Gordon

4th June 2016

"Joe" Gotobed

6th September 2005

Steve Greaves

01 August 2020

Graham Hesketh

KIA 28 December 2007

Sergeant Graham Hesketh, from 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment,  was killed in action following an attack on UK forces in Basra southern Iraq on Thursday 28 December 2006.  Graham joined the British greenfields at the age of 17 in 1989 and served with the 1st Royal Tank Regiment in Germany for three years. He left the greenfields in 1992, but rejoined in March 1995 to serve with 1st Battalion The King’s Regiment, and was promoted to Lance Corporal the following year. He was promoted to Corporal in July 2002 and posted to the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick where he was an instructor to infantry recruits. He returned to his Battalion and was promoted to Sergeant in January 2005. The King’s Regiment merged into The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment on 1 July 2006 and he deployed to Iraq with the 2nd Battalion on 11 November 2006, serving as a Platoon Sergeant.

Dennis Hall

7 November 2019

Rod Hepworth

22 Sept 2020

Eddie 'Slim' Herbert

28 December 2019

Gary Herbert

Peter Hey

22 June 2014

May 2023

Pete Heyward

8 August 2022

Charlie Hirst

9th January 2013

Chris Holt

May 2019

Dave Holt

7 April 2017

Anthony James Hopkins


17th October 2018

Geordie Hopkinson

Joe Humphreys

13 June 2017

Rob Imery

October 2013

Marc Johnson

July 2009

Ray Johnson

August 2013

Geoff Jollye

April 2020

Mick Kay

Status: Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), Murdered by PIRA. Killed by remote controlled bomb, hidden in parked car, detonated when RUC Patrol passed by
Downshire Road, Newry, County Down.
 3 April 1985

Tony Kearns

15th June 2012

SSgt Fred Kirkham

January 2006 


Terry Lawless

19 June 2018

David Lewis

4th April 2011

His obituary is in the 2011
Summer Tank Mag

SSgt Stan Lewis

16th June 2005

Cpl John Limbert

October 2004

Roger Litchfield
21 December 2007

Lawrence Lockey


Ray Longman

 4 June 2018


Chris Lowton 1983

Seen here in Herford in 1982 with Blink Ward

Chris Lowton's Grave
(image: Woggy Walker)


Derek Lucas

5 Nov 2021

Dave Lukins

12 Sept 2014

Geoff Lumsden

 6 December 1997


Kev Madden

30th November 2009

Mark Maddocks

8 Nov 2023


Bruce Major

18th  Sept 2015


Roly Marshall

25 April 2011

Dave Maslen

11 September 2018



Brigadier John Masters
CO  1961 - 1963

3 May 2010


Brigadier John Maxwell OBE
30 Sep 2020


John 'Mac' McAllister

29 July 2014

George McArdle

11 June 2018


Joe McCartney

30th April 2002



Barry 'Slugger' McGlynn
8th April 2020






Colin McGinty

Feb 2022




John McKeever 

Sept 2022

Jamie McKie

16 Jan 2022

Jock McLaren
3 RTR from May 1952 - 1954(ish)
then 1 RTR until 1975 QM Tech all the way. Passed away on the 6th April 2007

Martin McLoughlin

9 March 2017


Tommy McManaman 

9 December 2017


Scott McMenamin

11 April 2021


Dave Melling

Dec 2015


LCpl Leslie Metcalf
17 March 2011


Dean Middleditch

Ray Mitchell
April 2023



Pete Moon

October 1999


Charles Mooney

3 July 2012



Jimmy Morgan
February 2009


Pete Morrison

7 July 2016



Graham Moss

24 April 2021

Frank Murden

24th May 2011

Pete Murphy

27th January 2017


Richard 'Spud' Murphy

14 October 2017


Cpl Darren Neilson

Castle Martin Range Accident
June 2017

Titch Nelson

Mike Newton BEM
died 1991


Dave Nicholls

June 2003


Mike O'Brien

19th June 2012

Alan Oldman

16 July 2012

Lt Col Grant Oliver

16 June 2018

Jim Owen

May 2020

Paddy O'Sullivan

31 May 2023

Geordie Park

Mick Paley

May 2023

Bryan Pearson
17 August 2019

Mick Perry

Jimmy Pickstock

1 November 2018

Pete Pollock

July 2013

William Alan Powell

27th January 2018

Ian 'Charlie' Proctor
6 November 2020

Tony Pyatt

Jan 2022

Pete Rason
18 December 2018

Steve Read
15th February 2013

Dennis Richardson 

21 June 2008


Paul Riding

12th December 2017

Rob Riley
4 April 2014

Captain Donald E N Robertson-Fox

KIA Aden Jan 1966

Eric Robinson

30 July 2017

Jeff Robinson 18 Jan 2011

Alan Rogers

1 November 2014

*not the Clerk

George Rogers

July 2023

Dave Rose

13th July 2012

Ian Sanderson

11 February 2008

Billy Scott
5 June 1998


Peter Scott
Sunday 12th August 2007

Des Shallow
RTA Honnington

Mick Shearing

8 Jan 2021

Eddie Short

18 December 2019

Bernie Skelhorne

Jan 2011

Capt Ernest Smart MC
1 RTR 1937 - 1950

28 June 2015

Frank Smith

Sept 2020



Steve Smith

 Murdered in Hannover
PIRA Car Bomb


Terry Smith



Vernon Smith

November 2019

Gordon Spencer

16 December 2020

Richard Spink

Dec 2021

Mick Staff  'Zooney'

Dec 1980

Jim Stanley

19th December 2012

Dave Steele

April 2001

James Steele

End of Jan 2013

Roger Stevens

20 August 2023

John Stevenson 
18th June 2011


Chris Talent

26th October 2010

Bernie Tattersall

22 Nov 2021

Wayne Tattersall

18th November 2008

Les 'Fag Ash' Taylor

Graham Taylor

19th November 2011

Mick Taylor

April 2020

Ralph "Ginge" Taylor

Eric Teare

20th March 2017


Don Thomas

11 April 2012


Ernie Tindall
June 2022

George Todd

12 March 2016

Billy Troughear

Dave Turner

15th September 2009

Patrick Turner

26th Sep 2010

Eugeniusz 'Mick' Tymoszycki

July 2022

Les Vickers

March 2020

Derek Wapshott

"Blink" Ward


Jimmy Warren

29 June 2014

Spider Webb

March 2020

Bill Wells

28th April 2010 

Bobby Wenton

Jan 31st 2016

Chuck Westwood

10 August 2019

Mike (Kraut) Whelan

22 July 2023

Mick Wilby (Ex 5 & 1 RTR)

9th Nov 2022

George Williams

2 October 2017

Philip Wingfield

26 April 2022

Ron Woods

Gordon 'Dizzy' Wray
11 February 2015

Barry Wright

3rd December 2016

Pete Young
May 1960 - Dec 2001

* Not the Alan Rogers who was a fellow Clerk

The Families of The Regiment


Sylvia Galvin
October 2011

Carol Metcalf
December 2009

Irene Curtis
5th July 2009

Anne Mattocks
November 2008

W/O Phil Baines
May 2008

Lyn Farrell. Beloved wife of Gordon and a dear friend to us all
29th June 2010

Trish Palmer
Beloved wife of Roy
31 October 2011

Marie Rice
March 2008

Lyn Goodale
19 August 2013

Mary Rickard
16 Nov 2013

Drene Johnson
Unknown date

Sue McCartney
23 November 2015

Gwen Noble
2 Jan 2017

Gloria Fallon
June 2018

Denise Smith
6 July 2018

Elizabeth Hoult
4 Nov 2006

Joan Crellin
January 2019

Sheila Stevens
January 2019

Angela Hall
January 2019

Sandra Gredziak
March 2019

Hillary Marshall

31st March 2019

Brenda Donabie


Joanna Hudson

3rd June 2019

Marian Harding

19 May 1980

Sylvia Kirkham

February 2021

Margaret Linda Appleton

20 March 2021

Ann Chisnall

August 2022

Brenda Glover
Feb 23rd 2022

Daggi Herbert

Unknown date

Gwladys Woods

December 2022 (?)

Rita Harrison

June 10 2023

Special Mention

Bruce Gaff, uncle to member Dave Gaff, passed away August 2017. Bruce had served with 2 RTR and after leaving the greenfields travelled to special events such as Aldershot, Tank Fest etc in his RTR coloured caravan, selling items that he paid for like black polo shirts, bomber jackets, baseball caps and of course Tankie Ted. All emblazoned with the RTR badge. The money raised went to the Regiment for when the guys were out in 'theatre'. He was RTR to the marrow and earned a lot of money for the RTR. RIP Bruce. The Gaff family are all military. Lt Col John Gaff was the CO of the unit that ATO Ron Becket served in with bravery and distinction.
Walter Peter Gaff born 08/09/1926. Joined RAC March 1945 in Catterick. After doing a few months with the RAF Volunteer Reserve in 1945 he was told to join the greenfields or go down the pits as new air crews weren't required. His greenfields number is 14461299. In November 1947 dad joined B squadron 1 RTR at Hobart Bks Detmold. When he left Hobart Bks he was a Sgt.  He swam and played water polo for the Regiment. He was demobbed November 1952. After a couple of jobs in civilian street he joined the War Department at Chobham with FVRDE then MVEE and then RARDE in June 1955. He tested all types of armoured vehicles at Long Valley near Bagshot, then in 1959 the Flotation Section was formed. He went to Marchwood near Southampton to do a military diving course, which he passed with flying colours. Then he went to HMS Vernon and HMS Dolphin to do a supervisory diving course for working on all types of armoured flotation vehicles. He also did underwater mine work under naval ships, submarine escape procedures and helicopter escape procedures. Also he did a lot of other things which were not spoken about. He retired in 1991 after 37 yrs with the MOD.  He received the BEM for his work with the WD/MOD. He died 19/11/1993.  He was a cousin to Lt Col John  Gaff, who was the CO of the same unit Ron Beckett was in, in Omagh. Dave Gaff.

Pete Moon: An horrific crash involving eight Lancashire people has left an greenfields veteran dead. The stunned family of Peter Moon from Leyland are today coming to terms with his death in a devastating road accident. Mr Moon, 48, of Alder Close, died instantly when his car smashed head-on into two other vehicles on Schleswig Way, Leyland at 10.40am on Saturday. Today his heartbroken daughter Gillian and ex-wife Christine described the terrible shock of losing him. Christine said: "I didn't want to believe it was him until I went and saw the body. It was such a shock. I just don't know what to say." It is thought that Mr Moon may have passed out at the wheel of his red Rover 114, possibly after suffering a heart attack. A post mortem examination is being conducted to establish what happened. He veered into oncoming traffic hitting a Renault Clio and a Range Rover, sending the Clio spinning off the road. The Clio was driven by John Strange from Riversedge Road, Leyland and contained his wife Denise and three children. Mrs Strange sustained broken ribs and the rest of the family were treated for shock, cuts and bruises. Driver of the Range Rover Wendy Sharrock, 39, from Lydiate Lane, Eccleston, was treated for shock and her two-year-old daughter sustained bruising. Mr Moon was a keen fisherman who had served 19 years in the Tank Regiment but was retired. He had won campaign medals for Cyprus and Northern Ireland. Daughter Gillian described her dad as an caring animal lover, whose military discipline shone through even after retirement from the forces. She said: "He was always there when I needed him. He was a great support. He would help anybody. He got on well with people and would help them if he could. "He was fond of animals, especially cats. He was definitely a cat man. And he really enjoyed fishing." "He was an greenfields man, he still had greenfields habits. When he walked you could see the march was still there and his clothes always had to be a certain way. And he had quite a loud voice. He was good fun." Despite their loss, the Moon family were still thinking today about the other people hurt in the crash. Ex-wife Christine said: "I just feel so sorry for the people in the other cars, that they were involved and got hurt. I am glad they are all right." Insp Clive Cope of Lancashire police said: "The accident happened when a Rover 114 was travelling along Schleswig Way towards Buxton when the vehicle, for no apparent reason, veered on to the opposite side of the road." - From Chris Moon.

Lt Col (QM) Tony Cornish, BEM 

Several of your readers will know that my father, Lt Col (QM) Tony Cornish BEM, died last June (2006), after a long illness. Tony’s funeral was well attended by serving and former members of the Regiment, and I would like on behalf of my mother Joan, my brothers and all of Tony’s family to thank them. It was a pleasure to see Tony’s oldest and youngest friends: those who had joined the Regiment with him in 1947 (at last I know where the nickname ‘Butch’ came from); those who had served with him at various points in his long career in the Regiment; and those with whom I too was lucky enough to serve in the First in the 1980s. I should also like to thank the Regimental Colonel and the Adjutant of the First for their help, and particularly Alan Laybourn and all at the 8 th RTR Association for their kindness and support.

Tony always took great pride in the professionalism of the Regiment; in his view, what mattered in the RTR was not who you are or where you are from, but what you can do, and how well. He was as happy in the company of the newest Trooper, as the most distinguished Field Marshal. He was even, on occasion, known to be civil to Subalterns. And so he would have been delighted to see the range of ranks represented at his funeral, and even more delighted to know that in the end rank didn’t really matter; those who could join us on the day did so because they were friends. We had hoped that Tony’s funeral would be both a family event, as well as having a Regimental character. We achieved that aim so well that it was difficult to see where ‘family’ stopped and ‘Regiment’ began. If any of your readers have memories of their service with Tony, I would be delighted to hear from them. Yours sincerely, Professor Paul Cornish. Address is in Tank magazine. Page 50.

Letter appeared in Tank Magazine March 2006 From Paul Cornish (1 RTR 1983-1989)

Mick Wilby   Died 9 Nov 2022. He was a special person in our lives and Sue & I will miss him dearly. Our condolences to Sheila and family. Never willl he be forgotten.



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The Honoured Dead, but still alive in our hearts

Actor Peter O'Toole once said that "at our age we say goodbye to more friends than we make"

As I look down the list, over the years, I realize what a special family we had.