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Intake 73/10


1st Royal Tank Regiment Centurion in Korea. Situated within the 2nd Battalion area was a troop of Centurion tanks, one located on the crest line of Hill 210, another on the crest line Hill 159, and one in reserve.




mikeseymour.jpg (65809 bytes)

28 Feb 1984,  the leaving of the CO of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment, Lt Col Mike Seymour MBE. He was an excellent officer and was my boss when we worked the "Ops Room" in Omagh in '74, even if he did send me to the Guardroom - once!  In the image L to R is Asst Adjutant Sue Mawby, Adjutant Barry "OK Ya" Green, Sgt Graham "Smeddog" Smethurst, the CO,  behind the CO could well be the Adjutant, but who it is I am not sure, and in the background WO1 Jeff Lyman. Photo: Herford West Germany.

RHQ 1st Royal Tank Regiment Herford 1981 In the centre stands the Chief Clerk, ex 4 RTR   He must have lied about his size to get into the Army.  Co is Mike Seymour, centre front. Back Row: Mick Ashworth; Me; John Galvin; Steve Greaves; Neil Hartley; John Connelly (CC); Graham Smethurst; Alan Rogers; John Hughes; Trevor Gray and Mal Long. Front row: Louise; Capt Dixon; ??; Lt Col Mike Seymour; Major Holmes; Capt Vesey-Holt and Jeff Lyman (RSM)

rhqrtr81.jpg (79533 bytes)
honourguard.jpg (74426 bytes)

Honour Guard at Lulworth Camp, Dorset in February 1983 or 84 for Emirate of Kuwait or something - it was bitterly cold and we waited for ages before he whisked himself along the front and off to see some damn tank or something! I am the third from the right. If he had bought some tanks, might Desert Storm not have happened?

Nobby Clarke (Me) BAOR Triathlon Champion 1965; Capt Couzens  7 Armoured Golf Champion; SSI Robinson Basketball.England,Army, Aldershot Warriors just for a start;  Major Huggins 2 I/C Something Equestrian I think; Capt ? Regimental Quartermaster and Tug Of War Coach; Lt ? A successful fencer from memory?


Herford 1982

The Late Mick Kay

BAEE Bovington 84

I think this was at the Maze in 1972

Tofrek Kaserne Hildesheim

rtr14.jpg (13241 bytes) The Guardroom at Imphal Kaserne Osnabruck

The Korea Bell made from the brass shell cases fired at the Communists in Korea 1953

rtr20.jpg (20805 bytes)
berlin.jpg (33042 bytes) Berlin (undated) Jeff Lyman, Ged Brady (he died in a tragic accident the next year in Soltau).


Brian & Jason


Two Different Sides of Northern Ireland

Cpl Brian Criddle and his dog Jason were critically injured when a landmine exploded near Clogher on July 18th 1974. Brian died in hospital on July 22, in Belfast. Brian was only 34. He was married with 3 children, a member of the RAVC, attached to 1 RTR. Brian was with C Sqn doing road clearance almost on the border. Brian caught the full blast of the cowardly killers trap. I presume Jason was killed also but the "First Edition" for Nov 74, where I got this from, says nothing about the dog. Lt Tim Hall who was nearby, survived. Only part of the bomb exploded, if it had 15 - 20 soldiers would have died, and 1 RTR would have had their first casualties of the conflict which has been with us since 1969. Earlier, in July, Brian had been awarded the BEM for his brave and gallant services.

This is of a terrorist who was captured with his mate. His name Noel Sillery and his partner in crime was Charles Hoban. They were A sqn captures. These pair had been sitting on the end of a command wire for above a week waiting for us to respond to there telephone messages about a bomb in a culvert. The real bomb was further down the road where we would have to pass over. It had been decided early on that this was a come-on, so when we eventually responded it was in two helicopters. The terrorists had rifles which they abandoned when they saw us coming, they tried to leg it across the border (half a mile away). Suffice it to say they didn’t make it. The terrorist you see in the photograph was convinced that it was in his interest to dismantle the bomb, and pose on it for me. The bomb turned out to be over 1000 lb.Omagh 74. The "First Edition" for Nov 74 gives quite a graphic account of the proceedings. ATO, SSgt Beckett, "made" the terrorists defuse their own bomb after they discovered two people hiding in a bush "with their legs sticking out" and told them to follow the command wire back to the bomb where it was successfully defused. Sillery got 12 years and Hoban got 10 years.  


Taking a break in Denmark 1970

Sam Walker Wedding (Tiny Hart on right)

suttoncamp.jpg (130898 bytes) St Georges Barracks as it was in approx 1956 when an RAF Maintenance Unit. Numbers: (1) Where I live, extreme left of the picture. (2) What was main gate when St Georges Barracks. (3) Building where I worked when it became the home of the Army School of Recruiting. (4) Leftover from WW2, a Barrage Balloon hangar.  This was still there when I worked there 1991-94 and was painted white; used as a gymnasium. It was a "listed" building but had to be demolished as it was built with asbestos linings and was too dangerous to keep. (5) Barely visible - a Spitfire sits here, just to the left of the "5". This whole area is now a housing estate. This is where I finished my Army career, as Chief Clerk of the Sutton Coldfield Administration Unit!

Jeff & Sue were the victims of a surprise 30th Anniversary party in Weymouth recently. Tommy Cormack kindly sent me these 6 images of the event.  Congratulations Sue & Jeff from all of us in 1 RTR. It was a good night,all the lyman clan were there including the three sons and all the grand children. A few others that you should know were Nigel Lewis,Barry Wright,Alan Mcginn,Pete Jones and of course the lovely wives of !!!!. Another name from the past was James Orm "Lt 1973 Omagh"

More images from this event follow below left:

Mike Seymour MBE

Sandhurst 1944 Bill Graham is 3rd from left top row

And the band played on................

Standard Party Sennelager 85

Reading the DIY Tank Repair Weekly?

HM The Queen at Sennelager 85

Standard Party prepare for the drive past - 85

Jimmy Johnson, in the white shirt, is doing a life term for a "second" murder

Jimmy Campbell  rear, Ben right

Geordie and his "quiff"!! Love it!

Laughin' Jack

RTR Cup Winners - 1979 RTR Football final picture was 1979 against 3 RTR in Tidworth I remember because i was injured winning it in goal as usual, but got carted off to Hospital. When I got back Hendo Gredziak And Boden had drank all the booze!!! Even a very young Joe Dale Scored Regards Alan Hodges. Egypt 1955
This has got to be the first time I've ever seen Davie Hendo smile!  
  On Exercise exercise.jpg (36280 bytes)
libya.jpg (42131 bytes) Check out the dust clouds from approaching tanks! Lime Street! Oh Yeah! Somewhere in Libya limest.jpg (42241 bytes)
sailor.jpg (39286 bytes) Me (Ian) on the right rustling up lunch from "C" rations whilst Stan (Sailor) Gwilt reading. Somewhere on Soltau. Ron Cattley, Sgt Read etc. Fun in the Snow! soltau.jpg (37440 bytes)
Tiny Hart (age 19) Cyprus 1975 Ron Fletcher
United Nations Cyprus 1975 Andy Marshall UN Cyprus 1975
Bovington 84 German Exercise 1969 with "Penny" Farthing on the ground and Ian on the cupola
Ron Hornby in Libya 1970 Brewin' Up. Yas Island 1966
Adrian Clarke & Tommy McArdle Aden 1967 Somewhere in the Aden Desert 1966
Osnabruck 1969 Image from Harry Birkner Soltau 1970 Image from Harry Birkner
  Dave Ross
Dave Ross Cyprus 74 Dave Ross Cyprus 74
Egypt 1956 Caption reads: "Up & Over" Bovington
Sqn Bar Berlin 1967. Lion & Bear. On £10 a week and 6d (2.5p) a bottle - thats 400 bottles. No wonder I can't remember sod all! Adrian Clarke. Drumhead Service 1955
Sgts Mess Genifer Egypt 1955 Loading Up Egypt 1955
Leaving Egypt For UK 56 Devo
Travemunde Whitsun 1965. Minty Rose;  Alan & Dave Rigby; Lenny Austin. Cfn Lunn, Cpl Wood, Sgt Padley RSM Booth L/Cpl Williams Tpr Huck Tpr Sanderson. We were training before entering the Far East Land Forces Compitition, we won some early trails ,but lost the big one. The photo was taken on the tank training area.
Cambrai Ball (87?) Mike Kemble & Sue Nijmegen
LST Malta 56 Sek Kong 57 - 60
Cpls Mess Hong Kong 1960 Comet overturned on Laffens Plain HK 1957
c/s 12 Batus Capt Osbourn, Major Payne Johnson & RSM Booth. HK P2 Insp 1960
Eddie Atkinson & Ray Steele in Hildesheim Tank Transporter
Hong Kong Farewell Dinner "Dusty" Duffin last rear left Charlie's Bar, Mindener Str Herford
New Recruits "Dusty" Duffin at rear Dave Whittle and his new partner Pauline. Dave would like to invite all his old friends to their future wedding, please get in touch
Hildesheim '84 Tiny Hart, Dinger Bell, Wright jnr, Barry Wright, Ginge Stone & Kenny Parkinson. Scar 98
Keith Birch Judo Class RTR Cycling
RTR Tennis RTR Triathlon
Officers 1 RTR !! Tank Park Hildesheim
Unknown A superb cutaway of a Churchill From Bill Graham
Lisanelly Camp. Cookhouse left, B Sqn block facing. Sherlock
Lisanelly Camp. Drill Square More Beer!
Soltau & an Opinion! Mick & Stan
Thomo RTR Association Marchpast in Cambrai With Eddies father, Fred Atkinson, carrying the Standard of the 47th RTR (note the sandy colour instead of brown) The 47th's only action was at Alamein were they were decimated
6 Images from Ray Steele of a,  wait for it, beer session! Cpls Mess, yes you've guessed, drinking!
Broke Down Sir? Germany's ADAC Breakdown Service to the Rescue! My daughter Lorna spotted this in London, a memorial to the Royal Tank Regiment -MK  05/03
Martin Murray, Allan & Eddy Atkinson The winner of a Herford Cpls Mess Fancy Dress
Martin Murray, Eddie Atkinson at Wool Stn 1992 Half Time at the final of the RTR Cup Paderborn 1985 (Standards Pde Weekend). 1RTR supporters joined in with the band. 
GW Troop Larkhill 1983

Graham Smethurst - I took this at his home in May 2003

Cpl's Mess Dinner Hildesheim with guests from 3 Sqn, 11th US Cavalry.

Cpl's Mess Dinner Hildesheim with guests from 3 Sqn, 11th US Cavalry. RSM Alan McGinn and Barny Stirk making presentations, RSM John Deveroux 3/11 Seated and George Eastham sneaking through the door.

Two images sent by Eddie Atkinson of Eddie Kirwan's 60th. In this images Eddie & Joy Atkinson; Joy & Slim Herbert and Barry & Linda Hoare In this image: Archie Vance; ? Cunningham; Paul Ramsay; Eddie Atkinson; Mark Merryman; Eddie Kirwan; Barry Hoare; Dave Kirwan and Slim Herbert
Alan Ellis in Corsica.  During an adventure training “expedition” to canoe around the island.  In the background are Marty Lawson, Kev Haque, Ned Kelly Oggy Saunders and Kev Warcup JLR Lulworth. During trade test firing on Scorpion in the summer 1976.  The three in the middle are Chris Richards (Infamous smoker of the wrong brand of baccy, Gary Yorke 9/12L and “Brad” Bradwell who was unfortunately medical discharged after Londonderry.
1 RTR pass off from JLR Dec 76.  Apart from myself sadly the only ones I can name are Danny Danisz and Dave (I think) Copeland, you can just make out Pete (Mumble) Smith and Chris Richards. From: Brian Sands. Alan Hodges says: Alan Hodges; Pete George; Ziggy Firth; Paul Hesling; Taff higginson & Brad. We all went to C Sqn 1 RTR in Jan 77 Herford ready for NI training. Marty Kitchen all my own work, Early 1977, I think the cars belonged to the QM, RQMS and a Cpl storeman.
Ski team 77 – 78.  From the left, John Walsh, Jim Moody, Taff Simson, Kevin Frost Ed McBain Boselager team 1988 (?).  From the left, Ado Addison, Alan Ellis, Brian Sands, Dennis Boot, can’t remember may have been Lumsden, Ed McBain, Gus Daniels, Danny Coughlin
A photo which I discovered when RHQ (the regimental photographer , I suppose) was dumping a load of old photos for the furnaces. It was a half full MFO box which I bet you wish you now had. Anyroadup , it's from Herford methinks, I was not there, but I      recognised at least two faces who were later to join D Sqn ; Ged Miley and Pete Jones. I also the think that the guy opposite Ged Miley is Frank Sheridan, but it is only a guess. From Kev Warcup. Phil Harrison contacted me, he was the RSM at 1 Regt AAC whilst we were there. He sent these two "treasured" images of the statue that he was presented with by the Wo's & Sgts' Mess in Hildesheim. Thanks Phil. See Message Page 2 for his email.

41st RTR Battle Standard on display in Bootle Town Hall. I took this on July 8th 2003 when taking WW2 historical photo's all over Merseyside - Mike A solid silver tank engraved 41st RTR also in Bootle Town Hall. Image July 04 - Mike
Parade 1985 Hildesheim


Dave & Sue Barras
Thanks to Pete Corrigan for these four images of Jockie Ashford found on the .......................

following site:

Ray Steele commandeers a passing vehicle much to the annoyance of the driver! Image: Tom Fielding Image: Tom Fielding
Image: Tom Fielding c/s 32C L to R: Tpr Wood; Cfn Saunders; Tpr Fielding; Tpr Masson; Tpr Wood; Tpr Cubbon and Tpr Dickinson. Image: Tom Fielding
Image: Wendy Frost Image: Wendy Frost
Bloody Posers!!! Image: Wendy Frost Cadre Cse image from Tank Mag. Not sure of year? Mike Seymour is CO and Dave Orman is in lineup.
Image: Wendy Frost Megathon Men ready to ride, swim and run to  Oldham. Image: Wendy Frost
And they made it! Image: Wendy Frost The following Images are from the Official 1 RTR Site of the Regiment in Iraq 2003

 The previous 28 images are from The Official 1 RTR Web Site of the Regt in Iraq

Steele & Carroll Catterick 1967 Dave Hendo has sent me some images of Paul "The Man" Ramsay down under, here they are (and others). First one is of Paul with a Leeds player!! Last one is with Jen

The lad in the jeft pic, right side works for Dave
Well, Keith Birch has arrived in Abu Dhabi to take up his new post. Thanks Keith for the image, photo was for company web site.

Sorry about the delay Mick Bird, in posting this. I completely forgot I had it waiting. Bovington Fishing Club 1 RTR.

Fishing Team (Mick Bird)

Linda Bird, Albie and Vera Green

I think it was Mac McLaren who sent this, a pic from 1972 of the Arty boys in Hildesheim. The wedding Fergy Massey and Terry me and collette also Geoff Lyman (RSM)
and a very young Patsy Crellin.
The famous Psycho Jack Roberts in La Cortine France. Image: Jimmy Avis

Paul Ramsay's big 50. Held at the home of (ahem!) Leeds Dis-United FC, Image: Eric Harding.

Steve Williamson went over to Hildesheim. Here's some images he sent me: SW, Tony Whitfield & Stan Keen at the Hofbrauhaus Nov 03 Chris Young, Stan Keen, Steve Williamson, Eoin Ashford & Ernie Rood at the Ale house in Hasede
Stan Keen, Tom McManaman, Mandy Keen and Jane Sefton at Uncle Tom's Cabin in Mindener Str Herford Stan Keen, Tom McManaman & Steve Williamson at Uncle Toms
Steve Williamson, Ernie Rood, Brian Gibson and Stan Keen at the Irish Bar, Hildesheim WO2 (SSM) Dave Simpson. Ranges hasn't changed, Fags, Brews & counting ammo. Image: Dave Simpson
Major Alex Leslie, OC A Sqn. Although the last commissioned Offr in 4 RTR, a decent bloke. Image: Dave Simpson

CR2 firing. Image: Dave Simpson


Some more images here at Pete Cogs site