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Updated: 2 August 2010

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Walk For Heroes 2008

challengerpoland.jpg (25721 bytes) 1 RTR Challenger tank on exercise in Poland Challenger Tanks at BATUS Medicine Hat, Canada
chiefnightfire.jpg (27884 bytes) Chieftain Night Firing at Lulworth The Challenger Main Battle Tank
See Note (1) Cambrai Bks Catterick 1971 when I was doing my basic
Wessex Over Catterick 71 This Tiger 1, in the Tank Museum Bovington, was taken intact when the crew bailed after after being caught from behind by tanks from 1 RTR- there is no truth that 1 RTR crewmen were after the hub caps!!
Tank Museum Bovington Tank Museum Bovington. All 3 images from Eric Harding.
Night Shoot

These 5 images are of The Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge in the Highlands. Sent in by Mick Bell


Nearby, as I understand, is also a memorial to David Stirling, the founder of the SAS.

I took this at the 1 RTR Open Day in 2007 The next few are of Sgts' Mess function images  they are from Mac McAllister via Ike Williams, if any cause offence, please tell me and the will be removed. March 2009
Dave Gaff took these at the Bucks Railway Museum, Quainton near Aylesbury in July 2010 and I was wondering if anyone might know this vehicle
I know its a hell of a long shot

but you never know?

Interesting is the cold war East German periscope cleverly disguised as a litter bin!

(1) The Army Air Corps image is courtesy of the British Forces Newspaper in Germany "Sixth Sense". Who, very kindly, sent me the original image as printed in the newspaper back in the 80s.
This was taken over the Mohne Dam, scene of the famous "dambusters" raids in WW2.

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