Updated: 22 May 2009

 Alan Mercer

Arthur Turner John Patterson HQ Sqn bar Osnabruck 1969

Basher Bates

Brian clapham & Sammy Asith 13/18H Long Kesh 72

Charlie Lowe & Graham Stroud Hohne

Dave Rose & Sandy Jones Hohne 1972

Dave Whalley & Taff Evans Soltau 1971

Glyn Buckley & Martin McLaughlin with 13/18H Long Kesh 1972

Guardroom Osnabruck 1973

Pete Champion in 61a Soltau 1971

Mart McLaighlin & Pete Champion Soltau

Pete Champion & Kraut Omagh 73

Nev Hoult and Nobby Clarkson

Glyn Owens taxi

Glyn Owen about to fly out to Fearless

Dave whalley, John Patterson & Digger Campbell Osnabruck 1970

Dixie Dean, Bob Bennett, Stan Gaul, Dave Ellis Denmark

Osnabruck 1970

Jock Ross & Waxie Johnson Hohne 1969

Jimmy Silcock & Leopards

Nev Hoult Maze 72

Mick Kay - Osnabruck Tank Park

Nobbie Hall Osnabruck 1970

Norman Heywood & Pete Champion Soltau 1971

Obecke 1970 Tommo,Smelly, Tom, John, Taffy & Yarnie

Pepperday, McArdle, Patterson, Mercer, McIntosh, Bava

 Pde Gd Omagh 1973

 Osnabruck 1969 Back row L-R Sid Hindle; Jess James; Graham Stroud; Pete Champion; John Patterson; Jock Ross; Geordie Parks; Nobbie Hall; Geoff Holmes; Dave Ellis; Bob Bennett; John McAllister. Middle Row: Ben Campbell; Dave Whalley; Jim Silcock; Pete Thacker (REME) Alex McLaren; Len Stevens; Mick Herd; Martin McLaughlin; ??; Dave Williams. Front Row: Mick Perry; Dixie Deans; John Walsh; Dave Cooper; Tex Metson; Bomber Harris; ??; ??; John Taylor-Firth; Spider Pedley; Ernie Smythe; ??; Bert ?; Mick Jones; Waxie Johnson.
(I have a larger version of this on file)

 Relaxing in Larzac France

Rescue Team Recce Larzac

Richie Tyrol & Yogi Carmichael Sqn Bar 1970

Blackjack Cummins Exercise Bavaria (this is the only photo of Blackjack I have ever seen!!

 Sgt john "Plod" Walsh Hohne 1972 on page 3

Taking over from 16/5L - might be be Dinger rear

Swingfire Firing Hohne

Ted Holt & Dave Rose Osnabruck 1971

Mick Kay, Jimmy Silcock & Brian Clapham