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Reunion of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment
Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
6/7/8 September 2002


Ramsay's Regimental Roundup - the great day arrived. Friday 6th September 2002, my wife Sue and I packed the car and set off from Sutton Coldfield to join the M42 at the Belfry Roundabout, heading northwards towards the A42 and the M1. Within no time at all we were heading north up the M1 and soon passed the Rother Valley and past Sheffield and up past Leeds heading up the A1(M), A1, A1(M) again coming off at junction 49 and headed past Thirsk towards Pickering.  We (or rather Sue had) decided upon the "picturesque dales drive" instead of the more busy A64 route round York.  Our first and only major hold up hit us at a place called Sutton Bank; a steep bendy rise on which a lorry had apparently lost his brakes, coming down! The police were on hand and the delay was minimal! Now on the Dales we sped across some bleak but beautiful land and dropped down into Pickering where we turned left up the A169 towards Whitby.  At Saltersgate we paused for a lunch (two pasties for me!) and then carried on to Whitby.  We parked up and wandered down to the front, a minature version of Scarborough seafront - too many bloody arcades!  Had a look around, at Captain Cooke's statue and the whalebone arch then headed along the "beach" (well, a strip of sand really!) and back to the car and headed off down to Scarborough.

We had booked into the Cristobelle, near Scarborough Castle and after we got there, Connie Dransfield phoned from around the corner in the Perry Court.  We went for a meal in an Italian Restaurant (veeeery nice!) and then we jumped a taxi to the Drill Hall for the Curry Night. I lost track of the number of beer mats I ripped up to write my web address on.  Ramsay tried to remove me from my Man Utd polo shirt! These Leeds fans are so narrow minded!  Got back to the hotel and hit the sack to the kareoke accompaniment from the nearby Albion pub.

Saturday morning arrived with the obligatory gulls chorus blasting through the windows (even when shut!). Noisy B*******. We phoned Tony and Connie and suggested a morning trip to Robin Hood's Bay, which they accepted. So we dived into the car, very reluctantly leaving an actual car parking space as a consequence, and hit the road up to the bay, 17 miles north.  Parking on the highest point of the village, we walked down some narrow, cobbly lanes to the harbour and enjoyed a quiet peaceful stroll.  Connie and Sue had years of catching up to do, so me and Tony left them to it and went off searching the small rock pools - I found a nice green crab who did not seem too fussed about being in my hand!  He survived!

Back into the village via the ice cream van and a look in the antique (sort of) shops, craft shops and book stores.  We were in one such store when Tony was saying something to me about Bovington and this feller came over and said that he was in Bovington in 84 (ish). His name was Steve Carroll, REME, ATDU.  Small world I thought.  Back up the steep hill towards the car, Sue and Connie disappeared into another shop, so we parked our bums on a bench and waited.  Back to the car and back to Scarborough. "This is where it takes a miracle to find a space" or words to that effect.  Right in front of my hotel a car pulled away - talk about get in there fast!!  The four of us met up again shortly afterwards and we bimbled down into the town, the girls to do some "browsing" as Sue calls it - window shopping etc.  We had a good scan around the Indoor Market and found the hidden subterranean section, just as big - didn't even know it was there.  We went for a fish and chip dinner, I had just had another pasty so didn't bother, just had tea, then we split up, the girls to "browse" and Tony and me went to the Lord Nelson. This time I wore my white and black Man Utd shirt, another attempt to wind Paul up! He wasn't there!

The pub, although noisy, was quiet compared to last years hive of activity.  Paul had warned me a while back that "not so many may turn up as the "big one" is next year" - this being the 9th annual Ramsay Regimental Roundup.  Some new "old" faces walked in, Sooty Steele for one.  Several were there from the previous years do.  Sooty congratulated me on this site and ordered me to "keep it up" !!  Finally, after a couple of pints I ended up chatting to Stevie Matthews and his lovely partner. Then Sue and Connie found their way in and we headed back to the hotel - knackered!  After we got back to our room I decided to have a lie down - "I won't sleep", I told my wife then "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" until 1745. Got up and showered and prepared for the evening "main occasion" at the Drill Hall.

At about 1900 Sue and I went around to the bar in the Perry Court, met up with Connie and Tony, Marie and Nev Symms, Roger Stevens and others (tell me and I will add names!!) eventually, I phoned for a mini bus and off we went to the Hall.  Paul Ramsay, Ray and Joan Crellin were busy sorting out all the tickets details with people, taxi's arriving all the time.  Got my copy of Pauls superb Contacts List and we went into the disco area to take the table first left with Nev, Connie, Marie, Mick and Sandy O'Sullivan on one side, Tony, Sue and me on the other - for those of you trying to place where I was sitting.  As the evening wore on, I left the party to go and grab some photographs both on digital and film of as many that were there as possible.  My memory being what it is, can't recall all the names, but quite a few grabbed me during the night, asking for web addresses and suchlike - I knew by this time I was being very remiss for not publishing a load in advance!!  Scarborough would not be short of several hundred beer mats now!

After the buffet and a couple of hours of drifting, photo's and only 2 pints all night (really!) We left the porceedings at about 0015 and got a taxi back to the Queens Parade area.  The taxi driver was telling up that a joy rider had, during the evening, raced down here and hit a car; it wasn't mine so I was relieved! They actually jumped over the railings and slid down that bloody embankment to get away - they didn't!  Went straight to bed when we finally got in and the Gulls Chorus woke me again just before the alarm. After breakfast, Sue and I had a walk up the hill to the castle. As we passed the Church we found the grave of one of those Bronte sisters, Anne.  She snuffed it at 28 - nearly got her pension!  Up to the castle and wandered along the hill top overlooking the harbour.  Lovely morning!  Then we packed the car, said our goodbyes to Paul, Connie, Tony, Marie, Nev and some down in the bar then left Scarborough at about 1030 (ish).  A64, A1, M1 ,A42, M42 and home at 1445. A special thank you to Jimmy Campbell for providing me with some black and white photo's.

Friday Night Images


Some important information for you all wanting to attend the 10th Anniversary of Ramsay's Regimental Roundup. Ray & Joan Crellin are producing some really good black polo shirts embroidered with a 1 RTR badge and the owners name in red. Here is an image of Paul Ramsay modelling the finished article.  Sizes are, S, M, L, Xl, XXL. Joan tells me that the sizes are "generous". If any of you wish to purchase these, you need to contact Ray Crellin. Mail me and I will furnish his snail mail address by return. Or, if you have a contact list, call him yourself. The cost is 13 collect or 15 including post and package.

A couple of images from the Lord Nelson on Saturday afternoon below


Saturday Night Images


Saturday morning, on a visit to Robin Hood's Bay, 17 miles north of Scarborough


The morning after the night before