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  11th Reunion of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment
Scarborough, Yorkshire, England 1 - 3 October 2004

Aerial Image of Scarborough

The big news since the 2004 Reunion is that is now online and these pages now form part of the new site, newly transferred from my own domain.

The 11th Annual Reunion

Sue and I arrived on Thursday following a side trip to Howarth (on Paul's suggestion) to see the Bronte "country" and it was worth it, nice place. We arrived at the hotel at about 1830 ish and Paul ordered me to report to the Lord Rosebery where the golfers were holding court (and eating curry something). Sue decided to rest so I went down on my own and hobbled into the Rosebery. Spent a pleasant couple of hours there then back to the hotel and got my head down. A sparrow made a rude noise waking me up early and after breakfast we explored the town. The hotel gaffer expressed his concern that some had booked and had not turned up. Later on that day Tony Dransfield arrived with Connie so we went out for a meal at the Kam Sang before heading to the TA Centre and had a good night chatting and drinking. Forgot me bloody camera, so I have no shots of Friday night. Saturday afternoon was spent in the Lord Nelson for the most part and thanks to Bert Charman for nearly putting my camera in an early grave!!! Eric "Pugwash" Harding was doing his worst to some songs on the Kareoke. In fact Joe Cole crept round the masses and suggested that when Eric got on the platform again, we all walked out - which about 25% did!!! Eric was making naughty signs out of the window as he sang (!) something. "Wyatt Earp" sang a few, but who he was, nobody knows, maybe on of the locals? Photo of his duet with one of the girls can be seen below. There was also a feller in a red shirt who was quite a good singer actually. I understand he was bloody good at magic tricks too, so I was told later on. The Lord Nelson got quite packed and it was a very good afternoon. I sneaked off and hobbled back to the hotel for a kip and freshen up for the main do that night. Disappointed that many people never showed up who had "promised" to be there, but whatever the reason, it was a good day.

Got to the Drill Hall and spotted Grant and Janette Gibson; there for their 2nd year, along with John Paul. Great to see you again. After a couple more beers and a bit of a wander round it soon became apparent that the numbers were going to be on the light side this year, with empty seats all around until much later on. Captain Pugwash, Eric Harding, apparently got so bladdered that he didn't make the evening do, being comatose in the Lord Nelson - shame on you Pugwash, you should walk the plank for that!!! After a couple of hours of talking and more beer, the buffet finished with, Jan, Steve and Paul had the raffle followed by the nights Star Attraction - Joe Dale doing the "Full Monty" in order to sponsor some Jan Matthews inspired fund raising for the 1 RTR site which, to my astonishment, raised £245!!! Congrats Joe & Jan for a very welcome surprise. Brave man Joe. Most of which has already been spent on this, the new site.

More beer followed and I wandered around taking photo's, talking and promises to send me loads of images that will be sent on via email, CD, and whatever. Looking forward to getting those. Suffering now from my knees somewhat, the girls decided that we should head back to the hotel and we left at 0015 hrs having had a great time.

Thanks again to Paul Ramsay for all his hard work, shame we did not see more  turn up. Jan & Steve another big thanks for their hard work on the night and to everyone who "coughed up" to finance the site, greatly appreciated I promise you. And now, the images of Reunion 2004. I am going to label/number them but not all at same time!

(1) Pugwash & Pat Carroll


(3) Dranner & Barnsie

(4) Dave & Carol Henley with Don Thomas


(6) Pugwash & Roly Marshall




(11) Wyatt Earp


(13) Tolhursts


(15) Jan & Steve Matthews


(17) Gordon Farrell

(18) Capt Pugwash

(19) Alias Eric Harding

That's all the pub images some didn't come out properly

(21) Rambo

(22) Alan Ellis

(23) Dick Jammes & Pete Corrigan


(25) Minty & Nigel Lewis

(26) Oggy Sanders And Dinger Bell




(30) Connie, Pat, Tony

(31) Pat Carroll

(32) ??? & Wyatt Twerp

(33) Jan Matthews
That's it from me, now a CD load from Gordon Farrell



(37) Sue Kemble, Connie & Tony Dransfield




(41) Two Generations of Nobles

(42) The Browns






(45) Rambo

(46) Rambo & Daughter

























(61) Joe Dale struts his stuff!

(62) To sponsor the money

(63) Raised for this web site

(64) Jan presents me with

(65) the proceedings (£245)

(66) and an embarrassed me says thanks to Rambo & Jan!
















(82) Dave Henley, Steve Matthews, Don Thomas & Jap Smith


(84) Steve Matthews & Carol Henley

The following are from Marty Lawson







(92) Rambo








(100) Joe Dale

(101) Joe Dale



And these from Alan Wallwork

(105) Joe Dale

(106) Joe Dale

(107) Joe Dale










(117) More from Dave Henley



Some From Ray Steele


















From Gordon Farrell. April 2004. The Ellenby Hotel is excellent and worthy of a link. Elza and John Fail have recently opened a really nice Family Hotel overlooking the scenic views of the North Bay, The hotel is located on Queens Parade. If you prefer a non smoking Hotel when you come to Scarborough for the 1 RTR re-union weekend 2-4 September 2005 try the Ellenby Hotel. It's a superb location with free parking and only a short walk to the town centre, it has a great bar, good food and most importantly a warm and friendly atmosphere. Elza and John are both Ex Forces and are good friends of Josie and John Perry who ran the ex-Perry's Court Hotel just up the road the Hotel has a reputation for cleanliness and quality food. Elza and John have a great sense of humour and are fully in tune with the Forces crack. Tankies will love it and I would recommend this Hotel to all our visitors in October. Contact Elza or John Direct on 01723 372916 or visit their web site at to have a look at the Ellenby Hotel and it's facilities or book on-line.

Links to:

Ellenby Hotel

Stuart House Hotel

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Hello again gang – I hope I find you all well and in good health. The dates for this year are the 2nd to the 5th of September 2005, with the golf day being on Friday the 2nd, details to follow, get your holidays booked now!! Sadly (or gladly) I have only one death to report since I last did my little notes and that is one of our own, General Jeremy Blacker, who passed way in March and has now gone to run the Regiment in the Green Fields. I’ve heard the boys have been running riot up there without a good man at the helm!!  Sort him out with a good bed space lads, he was one of the best!

Now what can I recall about last year………..

Sorry I was not on top form on the lead up to the weekend and I let my normal standards slip but most of you know about my illness which I wont go into here except to say that more tests are on the way and not as rosy as first seems. We have found a new hotel (The Queens) with an extremely amiable landlord who forgets to close the bar and who has a couple of wonderful girlie bar staff (especially the Brazilian!) who pampered our every whim.  It is cheap and cheerful and will be full again this year.  The Regimental flag was draped proudly over his front window for the whole weekend and drew lots of attention. I picked up Marty Lawson on the Thursday lunchtime and we made our way to the East Coast, uneventful really apart from the phone calls from the plastic scouse Bob Jones and his chauffeur Paddy Carroll. Soon there was four of us sat in the bar having a snifter or two. We were joined by Bernie and George the madcap scousers who were telling us they  had not had sex for 14 years – no wonder by the booze they put away and neither have seen the required equipment for years!!  Girls you are safe in the hands of these two they are past it!! Thanks for the laughs over the weekend lads – especially the one who farted and followed through and had to change his sheets – didn’t think I knew about that hey George – oops sorry didn’t mean to tell everyone.

After a few scoops we descended on the Lord Nelson to be met by Barnie Barnes and Joe Gotobed along with Dave Harmon who seemed to have been stood in the same corner as when we left them last year!  As normal the beer began to flow and each time the doors opened another reprobate from the boys in black came through, H Robinson, Tommy Cormack, Tiny Hart, Dinger Bell, Stan Ogden and Mezza just to name but a few. All the handshaking and hugging (male bonding) taking place and it did not seem two minutes since we were all here for the 10th anniversary, how time flies when one enjoys ones self……….anyhow it was soon apparent that the boys were getting hungry and so on to the Lord Roseby and to meet up with other members of the black mafia, the gang who were there included Alan (Dozy) Carson and big bad Gary Herbert, Gordon Farrell

Derek Atherton and Bert Charman – more on this gang later when I recall the double bent golf!!  The Lord Roseby is a cheapie Wetherspoon’s and on a Thursday night they do a curry and a pint for a fiver so, as one, the lads tucked in, lots of laughs and piss taking as is the norm and Tiny ranting on about the delights of a certain Danny Wilde alias Scarboroughs own Elvis Presley – a must for any visitor to this wonderful seaside town.  Check out his website! We had a call from Mike Kemble to say he was on his way, he had had an operation only a week or two before but like a true Trojan dragged Sue along for the weekend, anyway I digress. Tiny’s ranting’s about his hero led us on a procession out in the cold along to the Aberdeen Bar where a certain entertainer was performing, in we went and had a ringside seat of the man himself, his wildetts are to be seen to be believed, hope they have gun licences for those cap guns they use!!  Tiny was in his element.  And so on to the George nightclub where myself and Mr Lawson had a few more ales and decided our tactics for the golf the following day……..try doing that when one is so pissed one cannot talk.  We had a cunning plan to retain our trophy but thanks to the Farrell family it wasn’t to be!!!!

We arrived back at the Queens Hotel just in time to go to bed before we had to get up for breakfast but not before I crept into the room where Mr ‘s Jones and Carroll were sharing a bed or two.  The plastic scousers toes were sticking out of his bed and I was sat tickling them for ages while he was writhing in his pit still half pissed.  It was funnier as Pat thought he was being robbed and jumped out of bed!! Jones me boy thanks for reminding me that you dropped the mobile phone down the pot and if any one can solve the missing shoe case then please inform the same Mr Bob Jones, perhaps we may find it this year!! Friday was a lovely sunny morning (well from inside my closed eyelids it felt that way) and after sharing a hearty breakfast sat with a man who had three cans of lager for his breakfast (didn’t know then but he was a night shift man on his way to bed!!) this made us feel positively ill.  On to the North Shore Golf course ready for the days entertainment, myself and Marty stopping up till all hours discussing tactics for the day went out of the window when Mr Farrell decided that HE was going to change the rules for the day, we protested that we wanted to retain our crown but to no avail.

The lads were all ready and raring to go, I teed of first with the gallery all expecting me to blow it as I usually do, but no a nice sweet ball down the fairway. Marty hit his and nearly put it on the green with his new big Bertha driver!! So off we went – the rest bringing up the rear!!  We were in front of Mr Farrell and his two boys Simon and Steven and watched them peppering the woods all around us. They eventually caught us and decided to play with Marty and myself – the plastic scouse and Pat following them!  The weather was glorious and a good day was being had by all.  The Farrells were marking each others cards and seemed to be doing rather well – make of that what you will!  The golf was drawing to a close and all the hard luck stories were coming in – my own included!!

At the end of a hard fought competition with no sway given guess who won – yep it was the Farrell gang Steven first and Gordon second – fixed or what – all eyes will be on them this year.  OK plassy scouse I’ll tell the world you beat me fair and square. Just didn’t fancy showing the plassy trophy off in my parlour!! Humble pie was eaten but revenge is on the cards this year - ok mate.  Another good day out and thanks once again to Gordon for organising what is becoming a popular day out. Back to the hotel and who should be sat there – a newcomer to the Scarborough gang – PC Plod from the blue half of scumchester - Mark (Oggy) Sanders still looking as youthful as ever!  He had met the two madcap scousers George  McArdle and Harry Byrne, Ollie Coles and his good lady were there too all enjoying a pint or two of the landlords finest along with  Kev (granddad) Madden complete with wife daughter and granddaughter!!  All welcome as usual.  The lovely Mrs Lawson (Viv to her mates) Sue Kelly and the equally madcap Carl and Sue’s sister Mandy with her hubby Mark had now turned up amid peels of laughter, stories of the golf and how the plastic scouser beat me were flying round the bar again – he was milking this for all it was worth.  Pugwash Harding had arrived and was sat there in all his glory, the slagging started and the whole room was in stitches at the banter.

All too soon the afternoon was over and we were on our way to the drill hall, to be met by Steve and Jan Mathews – Tony and Connie Dransfield – Tom Mcomasky, Bob Riley, Phil Davies, Grant and Jeanette Gibson, son Paul and Jan West, Dave and Janet Rigby, Tom Fielding, Pete Jones, Harry Birkner, Dave (another granddad!!) and Carol Henley,

Jon Robertson-Fox (another welcome newcomer) Roly and Hilary Marshall, Alan and Margeret Dixon, Don and June Thomas, Andy Coates, Ray Steel, Wayne Neal, Davy Ellis, Paddy Cambell, Brian Lunt (two more first timers) a welcome guest with all the news from Hildesheim, Pete Corrigan, old stalwarts Bert and Betty French whom a special mention goes out to as both are ailing but are determined to make the effort and come and support the weekend – you will be both be welcome as long as you can make the trip up here. Allan Wallwork, Jimmy Dunn, Dave Higginson, Stan Keen and Scouse Williamson, Mike and Sue Kemble, Lynne Farrell and the boys gloating over the golf!!, Steve and Lorraine Choudury, and another lady who always gives us her full support – Renee Gorton, Pat and Julie Brown, Pete Tinsley and a host of others, although the turnout was not as good as the 10th anniversary it was still good and it was great to see everyone again all sat laughing chatting and catching up from the previous year.  The TA centre did us proud again and came up with the traditional curry night, the drinking as usual went on till the early hours and then it was time for us all to retire back to our respective hotels, the Queens was rocking, all hands had decided to descend upon the bar and the laughter could be heard long into the night, I managed to climb the steep steps to my pit about 6am along with Pugwash – Jonah – Pat – Maddog – one man missing was poor Oggy – he had forgotten what these nights are like and had retired a dead man hours earlier – sensible really!!

Breakfast on Saturday was a quiet affair – paracetamol the main order on the breakfast tray!  The Queens did us a greasy breakfast and that, mixed with a few gallons and a curry from the night before – you can guess the rest!  frozen bog rolls were needed. Anyway it was time to tread the route to the Nelson again and after a coffee or two on the way, we eventually got there to find the gang were ensconsed in the normal drinking activities!!  Karaoke in full swing and the boys totally enjoying themselves……….again the tales of the night before - not to be repeated in writing – were to the fore and laughter rang around the building.  These guys can party!  some new faces had appeared that have not been seen before Ian and Carol Trory, Allan Ellis, Nigel Lewis and Dick Jammes from the officer fraternity had made their way from a seedy nightclub in London all wearing the gayest coloured cords in the world so one has to just guess what kind of club it was BUT it was great to see all three of them making the effort to come along and see the lads whom they once served alongside.  Russ Tolhurst managed to give us a song on the singing machine – he IS Elvis reincarnated Im sure and having been part of his backing group while he was on tour in Benidorm I know how he can wow the crowds……….JAP Smith came along, Mike and Julie Hill the newlyweds came along and I though Julie was just pleased to see me but it must have been the cold weather that made her “stick out” at the front!! (You did bet me I dare not mention it so here it is!!), my eldest daughter Lyndsay turned up with her mate from Skegness (another first timer!! who will be back this time round!) Cliff (Nobby) Noble (who yet again is another first time granddad this month) and his son, Dave Wharton, Pat and Julie Brown (as lovely as always) George Eastham another long time friend of mine, then a host of lads from the Regiment who had taken the trouble and time to come and see us, they are most welcome and always will be, the more the merrier and it ensures the weekend will carry on with lots of new blood spreading the word. Steve Burke – Darren Halligan – Darren McArthy – Jeff Jones – Tony Sears – Steve and Lisa Mason – Steve Read – James Hill but to name a few and all went away with fond memories and a thick heads!  All too soon the afternoon session came to an end but not before Joe Dale entered the fray!  Poor bloke was co-hearsed into doing the full monty in the evening by Viv and Jan in aid of Mike Kemble for our web site that many of us derive pleasure from, especially fat bastard Pugwash Harding.

And so on to Saturday night and the Drill Hall once again, yet another cracking night, though not as busy as previous years it was brilliant and gave me time to go round and speak to most people and enjoy a drink with them, thanks once again to Steve and Jan for their help on the door and with the raffle.  The chatter and the laughter was brilliant, the TA again under the guidance of Andy Springham did us proud and then it was time for the raffle, speeches and the uncompromising Big Joe to do his “full monty!” what a laugh and Joe played the part magnificently…….. well done mate, I think Mike walked off with a few hundred quid for our new web site, we now own the web name which is the best site of any military web sites including the Regiment and RHQ RTR!!

Well done from all of us Mike and keep up the good work. 

The night again went on into the wee small hours and then it was back to the Queens for the karaoke!  My daughter Lyndsay – Kev Maddens daughter Kirsty and other children of the regiment went out clubbing and rolled back into the hotel at about 2AM having had a wild night out on the tiles.  She sang duets with Big Joe and Cilla and earned huge applause from the crowd!!!!  The singing was top class and there was a lot of choruses sang with words Ive never heard of before and probably will never hear again – amazing what a few vodkas can do to your brain!!  The footie banter was good too Harry ,Tommy, Tiny and Mezza discussing the forthcoming season, One of the funniest things about the weekend was old pugwash falling down the steps in the hotel – bruised arse – back – and ego!

Oh and the man who wants to knock my head off do not attend Scarborough this year – refused entry might offend you – you know who you are and it will be better for you not to attend – you are the first person I have had to do this to and I hope I do not have to repeat it.  I am no soft touch believe me.

The bar was still open at 0530 for the diehards!  Great night and a thoroughly good weekend although there were about 120 of us it was one of the better weekends.

Sunday was a day of fresh air and a few hairs of the dog and for the ones who stopped over for another night another chance to see Danny Wilde in full flow yet again.  We look forward to him entertaining us again this year…………..Tiny to organise!!

For all those who attended last year thank you for your efforts and I look forward to seeing you again this year.

Now onto other matters! 

Regimental Lunch  - Bovington 

Just after the weekend a few of us decided to go to Bovington for the Regimental Cambrai Dinner. As a virgin to this event I had not got a clue what happens so I was a bit apprehensive to say the least, not to be worried for long though – Marty Lawson, Steve Mathews, Steve Choudury, John Murray and Pat Brown congregated at my house on the Thursday night and I took them to the local for the quiz night – many brains make light work and we lost!!  Come 5am on the Friday we were all assembled again and set off down the M1, Steve Mathews and Steve Choudury  were posing in the sooty’s sports job, John Murray joined the convoy on the M1 and Pat, Marty and myself, were in Pats Land Rover.  Nice early morning drive with Marty snoring in the back, uneventful apart from the banter and the laughs – Pat suggested a little thief restaurant he knew on the road near Andover for our breakfast stop.  Now having been here years ago with the likes of Dave Rothwell, Alan Cunningham, John Boast and John Whitelaw and looking after the two young ladies who worked there this was a trip down memory lane!! This time we were served by two gorgeous Rumanian girlies who looked after our every need, at a cost may I add - £10 for a breakkie was a bit steep to say the least.  Tightwad Lawson is still complaining! And drinking the free coffee!!

And so on to Bovvie for the dinner, we arrived at the guardroom to be met by a female Sergeant who tried to boss us and lay down the law – little did she know who we were and the piss taking started on her – she wouldn’t strip search me for some reason but I did keep volunteering!  Steve Choudury had run this nick at some time or had been a resident cant quite remember……..fond memories were flooding back like the time I jailed a Lieutenant – RSM – and other seniors from the Black Watch for causing bother in the Bovvie Hop, Jeff Lyman sent them packing the following morning and all failed their conversion course!  Anyway I digress – we were shown to the Sergeants Mess (as if we had never been there!!) and booked in – sorted the bed space and then proceeded on down to the Tank Museum for a brew.  We were met down there by Tiny and the laughter was still ringing out – the Junior bleeders amongst us then wanted to go to the scene of past crimes and visit Stanley Barracks over the road, I took the opportunity to visit RHQ and had a chat with the Regimental Secretary as the Colonel was away, I broached the subject of the Northern Area RTR Association but was met with short thrift.  More on that subject later.

It was then time to go and get changed for the dinner.  Suitably attired we adjourned to the bar where lots of guys from the Regiment were gathering, Tommy Cormack – Tiny – H Robinson – Mick Everton – Dave Roberts – Jeff Lyman – Alan McGinn – Brian Sands – Jimmy Thompson – Jimmy Dunn  – Nigel Lewis who turned out to be the guest speaker!  If anyone can relate that speech and what it meant to us perleeese inform me!! Great to see the man with his new colonels pips on show though. Another old friend of ours Keith Humphries was there too – all promising to bring themselves to Scarborough this year!

WO1 Dave Simpson was the presiding member, especially pleasing to me has he was a bad boy turned good whom I helped along the way.  I recall being on the end of a threat from some young members of C Squadron in Hildesheim that if I ever went in the squadron bar I would be a dead man – well all those who know me know I don’t take these threats easily so sure enough I went into the bar the same evening and the rough tough boys ended up paying for my beer!  A few words of wisdom were spoken and at least two of them were present at the dinner, SSGT Macmenamin being the other and it was good to see they had taken my advice a long time ago and have gone on to better things.  Dave Simpson ran the dinner very well in the circumstances and ensured it was a great success so credit to you Dave. Well Done.

The pipes and drums entertained us well and the banter was brilliant as you would expect.

After dinner was a blur after the wine, port, beer and vodka all got to us and most retired to bed at a late hour – one of the travelling gang threw up on his suit and had to ditch it on his return - oops sorry Marty didn’t mean to tell the boys it was you!! H when you found him in the car park he was lost and had just thrown up over someone’s car!!

The following morning a few of us were up and off looking for a café to have a coffee – none to be seen even the greasy spoon (Beehive Café) didn’t open till after 11AM – distinct lack of military is to blame for this, this once thriving metropolis of soldiers is now a ghost town!

At breakfast we decided to take a steady drive home and not go to the Tank Museum again and after saying our farewell’s  ( a certain Mr Mathews took this as we were all of to the Tank Museum for a walk round!!) we set off on the return leg……………as Marty – Pat and myself were approaching Salisbury we had a call from Steve Choudury asking if we were on the way to the museum and where were we as Steve Mathews wanted a lift home! I couldn’t do anything for laughing, Marty and Pat were crying and refused to turn round, John Murray was behind us and a quick call had him in stitches too, Steve Choudury was not coming back until the evening and Mr Mathews was stuck there –  Tiny came to the rescue and he looked after the stray until he was rescued and delivered home by Steve Choudury!  He was not contactable cos he didn’t switch his phone on and although sat at the same table couldn’t have been listening to what was being said – never mind alls well that ends well – Jan was none too pleased though!!  Can’t wait for this year’s episode – watch this space.

1RTR.NET is our own fully owned web site and is run by Mike Kemble with a few moderators - Keith Wapshott (Son of Whoppy!!), Pat Carroll, Pete Corrigan and myself. It is a brilliant site and is the envy of most military web sites including RHQ and the Regiment, it is informative and the best set of jungle drums I have ever come across! The banter is brilliant and anyone can join and take part.  We have a world wide audience and a cross section of news and views – some of us may not agree with others but hey we are Tankie’s and get on with it, lots of people have been put back in touch with each other and long may it continue.  Watch this site for news of the next Naafi break and the forthcoming Scarborough re-union.  Please use it and join in the fun, if there is anything going on you would like us all to know about then let us know.

A big thank you to Mike Kemble from all of us for his time and effort in getting the site up and running and sorting all kinds of problems for different level users.



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