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  13th Reunion of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment
Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
1 - 4 September 2005

First lot from me. Some of the subjects could not keep still and images were too blurred to use!
From Dave Henley
From Geoff Cunningham
And From Paul Robinson
Forgot who sent these, sorry for delay ->
From Smudger Smith >

Sue and I left Sutton Coldfield on Thursday morning at 0800 hrs and went straight up to Haworth (Bronte town) and met up with Eric & Mary Moore for lunch in the Kings Arms before leaving for Scarborough, arriving at 1800 hrs. Went for a walk along the entire North Bay during the evening. Following day me and Sue went to Whitby for the day, parking in the Abbey car park and scootin' down the 199 steps to the town (and 199 back up again!!). Found a shop that sells Combat jackets for £149. Must find myself an amicable SQMS up there somewhere, could make a few bob out of this! Back into Scarborough for tea and off to the Kam Sang with Tony & Connie Dransfield for a really good chinkies.

After waiting (occupational hazard in Scarborough) for a taxi we binned it and found another to go off to the Drill Hall for the usual informal Friday night and to barrages of questions about the alleged MI5 shut down of this site. Allegations of the Secret Service looking for Eric & Paul were mildly exaggerated as the reason for the forum shut down is yet to be determined (only just got home) but it was a software problem not the CIA. It was in fact a mix up by the hosts. They thought it was on a different program.

Saturday, and we had the preliminary North of England RTR Association meeting in the Queens hotel, heavily attended in the bar, many had to stand or sit on the floor. Jeff Lyman made his way all the way up from home especially to address the meeting, thanks Jeff, greatly appreciated. Paul filled us in on some info and then we fell out and headed off to town to meet loved ones (and wives) and, after lunch, the girls left for the hotel and I ran off up the High Street looking for a pub showing the England game. I wish I hadn't found one, it was really crap.

I staggered back to the hotel and collapsed on the bed and gonked out for an hour and a half before wobbling into the shower to get ready for the Saturday night do at the Drill Hall. Only had time for 2 pints all night as I was constantly getting hit for answers to problems, questions about the site and other matters. Left at 0100 hrs and hit the sack as soon as room door was opened! Thought we would have had more members attending than we did, I believe it was something like 150, many promised that didn't turn up. Some didn't tell Paul they were coming, then did!

Sunday dawned misty and grey. After breakfast and another snooze, hit the trail down past the Castle and coastguard station onto the South Bay and walked right along to the Lido then up into town, all over town, then back around the headland, beneath the castle back to North Bay and a much needed paddle!!! After another shower and change, headed with Connie & Tony to Ask, on the sea front, for an Italian. Managed to show everyone up when someone dropped a glass and I automatically shouted "Oh we're having a smashin time" and cheered!!

Walked back through town to the hotel and watched a bit of tv before turning in. monday was even mistier and we set off just after 1000 hrs to Holmfirth, near Huddersfield, where we arrived at about 1230 hrs, parked up in a pay as you go car park and went off in search of the Last of the Summer Wine spots. Got back to the car at 1345 hrs to find some petty minded little officiating pleb had left a ticket on the window, even though the VALID car park ticket still had one and half hours to run. (1516 hrs). Needless to say, they will not get whatever it says inside, plebs! Got home after Saddleworth Moor, M67, M60 and M6 and M5 toll at 1545 hrs. 500 mile round trip.

Thanks Paul for another good weekend, I feel somewhat disappointed that another year of hard work & expense by Paul and Steve/Jan went by with little reward. At least some did send back returns.

PS: My thanks to whoever slipped me the £20 note, gratefully received as were all the promises of dosh on Saturday night - not! Please promise nothing if your unsure, I don't expect anything, but to get a blank promise is a bit off. Mick "Someone" - you forgot to leave all those photo's with me so I hope you still have them?

I was made up to see Roy & Trish Palmer make it for the first time and Tony Ruddock, you have not changed one bit. Neil Hall looked like he had stepped out of a time warp from '88 - he has not changed one bit. If I neglect to mention anyone I met here, my apologies, as my memory faded as the white lines of the motorways swam past my car. Derek Fletcher was there also. Mick Paley and his family also made it a first time and by all accounts, enjoyed it immensely. Grant & Janette along with John Paul had a good time and one day, Grant, one day, your mug will adorn these pages!!

Continuation of Pauls notes from the 2004 attendance notes:

Naafi Breaks

We have started a thing called Naafi Breaks which is about having a day out in a local area organised by the gang from that area, the first one was hosted in Pat Carrolls pub in Woolton Liverpool and brought together a few lads who I had thought had fallen of the face of the earth but great to see them, Paddy Cambell, Brian Lunt, Paddy Burke, Keith “Huddy”  Hudson (the donkey walloper), Davy Ellis, Smudge Smith, Whacker Hughes, John Rice, Zip Nolan, Alfie Jessup and Stevie Burke (a serving member of the Regiment) and of course myself who made the lonely trek over the pennines as the white rose rep!  I couldn’t stay for the night sesh but I’m led to believe a few others turned up – pictures are on Mike Kembles web site. Thanks to Jill for putting the big pan of “scouse” on for us.

Naafi Break 2 was held in Wakefield – again a good turnout – Steve Mathews who organised the venue, Eamon “Elvis”Tollhurst, Cliff Noble, Paul Robinson, Jurgen Dyer who made the trip up from London, John Murray, Adrian Sutcliffe, the one and only Charlie Hirst!! He cut his “curfew Tag” off so he could join the festivities, Ollie Coles, Arthur Abraham, Pete Merry, Danny Danitz – thanks for the stickers, Pat and Julie Brown, Marty and Viv Lawson, Keith Birch, Lee Lawson (Marty’s big lad) and we were joined later by Jan Mathews and a couple of visitors who were on a night out but bumped into us Denise and Laura Smith, and a special mention for Pat and Jill Carroll who were on a birthday treat trip from the red rose county.  You can imagine the laughs we were having and the catching up.  Pictures are on the web site.

These are good days out and will take off I’m sure – another chance to keep in touch with each other over and above the Scarborough weekend, next one is planned for the 18th June in Southport and is being organised by Steve “Scouse” Williamson.  Watch the web site for more details………..allegedly we are off to Dave Bucks chippie for tea!!

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