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  14th Reunion of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment
Scarborough, Yorkshire, England - September 2007

14 - 16 September. Venue: Grand Hotel

First of all I cannot go any further without congratulating Paul Ramsay on organising another successful event with such short notice. Paul had masses of problems organising the event and, not least of all, some problem's he mentioned that came up when we were already there. The Saturday night event went very well in the Palm Court section of the Grand Hotel. A brilliant night was had by all and one of the best nights of the 13 thus far!

Well done to all who made it for this, the 13th, reunion. There were so many names, faces and discussions throughout the weekend. Dinger Bell, Gordon Farrell, our three guests from the USA, Ernie Ford, Bill Clarke and Ned Devereaux who thoroughly enjoyed their weekend. More on them in the Assn pages. Paul Danisz and his lovely daughter Sara, Robbie-Fox, Mick McCunnell (spelling?), Dan & Gloria Fallon, Grant, Janette & John Paul Gibson, Pete Champion made it again, from Los Angeles, nice pic of your "rig" Pete. Pat Brown, Tommy Cormack, Harry Robbo, Tiny Hart, serving members RSM Iain Thompson, Steve Hamer and a couple of others, Jeff & Sue Lyman, Ian Rodley, Nigel Lewis, Simon Prior, Tony Black, Eric Harding,  Bryan Johnson (you certainly cannot sing Bryan!), the lady from the land of Oz who got stuck with us in the Newcastle Packet on the Friday night. She certainly got an education that night! We had a live band on in the Newcastle Friday night, known as Trilogy; loved the old stuff but some of the new stuff was - to my mind - a bit naff. Pete Tinsley, Alf Jessop,  Stevie Matthews & Jan, John Galvin and his family, Paddy Carroll, Denise Lumsden, Roy Palmer, Marti (Golf champion - again) Lawson,  Paul Robinson, Ted & Charlie Hirst, Pete Corrigan, Dave Purcell, George Eastham, Alan Hodges, Steve Williamson, Joe Dale, Derek Atherton, Ray Steele, Mick Shearing, Mike Bird, Barry Hoare, Bert Charman, Slim Herbert, Dave & Carol Lewis, Don & June Thomas, Rick Baylis, Bob Jones, Jurgen Dyer, Pete Rasen, Glyn Owen, Jap Smith, Minty Rose, Nobby Noble, Eamonn Tolhurst, Mac Maginty, Massie Ferguson, Gus Daniels, Pete George, Keith Hudson (who I didn't have time to talk to much) and many many others whose names do not come to mind at present. Here are the images that I took on the Friday and Saturday Nights.

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